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Wall Lights

Wall Lighting

Lighting has a huge effect on a room and in modern homes and commercial environments, it isn’t just about the practical aspects of lighting a room, but also the aesthetics. There are numerous ways in which you can create different levels of lighting to suit the exact purpose of a room.

A fantastic way of giving your lighting system versatility and style is with decorative wall lights. Whether you want low lighting for bedrooms or bright lights for bathrooms, offices, corridors or business reception areas, at Illuminations-direct, we have a  collection of decorative wall lights to suit your needs.

Wall Lights – The begining
Wall light fixtures are also known as sconces , which is a word derived from the Latin absconsus and the French word esconce. Although these words have various meanings, in reference to lighting, it signifies something that is covered or protected – in this case the light fixture.

The modern wall light fixture takes its design inspiration from traditional fire torches, oil and gas lamps that were attached to walls to provide lighting way back before electricity was even invented. Of course, things have significantly moved on since then, but the basic premise of a light fixture that is attached to a wall, as opposed to the ceiling is still prominent.

The best place to Use Wall Lights
The modern wall light offers an incredibly versatile style of lighting, which can be used in a whole host of areas throughout your home and in commercial premises. The softer lighting provided by wall lights that can direct the light upwards or downwards, depending on your preference, allow you to not only light an area, but to create a mood and point of interest in areas that would ordinarily be bland, such as long corridors and hallways.

Typically wall lights are either paired or used in multiples to add symmetry and continuity. A common example of a good use of wall lights is to see them mounted in pairs either side of a door, this can be inside or outside your home. Traditional designs like the Giardino Exterior Wall Bracket , work great for outdoor lighting for doorways and outside walkways providing ample lighting as well as highlighting the entrance to a property, be it your home or a commercial venue.

However, wall lights definitely aren’t limited to use in doorways and corridors, as they can be implemented almost anywhere. Contemporary designs like the Bobble 1 Light Spot are perfect for use as bedside lighting, office lighting and even kitchens and bathrooms, as well as hotels, art galleries, bars and restaurants with a modern décor, as you can direct the light to certain areas for better visibility or to highlight specific décor, such as artwork.

If you have a more traditional style of décor, then there are also plenty of classic designs available, such as the Delft 2 Light Bracket Large in polished brass. This light is for use with low energy light bulbs only, so you can not only add timeless style, but also save money on electricity usage too.

Other areas that are ideal for wall lights include bathrooms, where direct light is required for practical reasons, but also buyers want the flexibility to adjust lighting according to their mood and requirements. This is where our range of bathroom wall lights offer you a great selection of designs, including the Bathroom Wall Light with IP44 rating for safe use in bathrooms.

Making a Statement
The beauty of decorative wall lights, is that they really allow you to make a statement with your lighting. Whilst a decorative pendant lighting can be a fantastic way to create a central focal point in a room, your wall lights can also be used to create a truly magical focal point too, as well as add subtler lighting. Choosing decorative wall lights such as the Glacial 4 Light Bracket, is like putting a piece of artwork on the wall, drawing the eye in and giving off stunning lighting effects at the same time. Or why not add a pretty decorative finish to your walls with the Nebula 3 Light Bracket featuring chrome leaf and crystal flower detail. It’s opulent, contemporary and incredibly safe using low voltage halogen bulbs.

Whatever your wall light requirements, illuminations-direct has a design and style to suit everyone. From low energy decorative wall lights and IP44 rated lights for use in bathrooms, to exterior lights and interior lights. We have a huge selection on offer in that covers traditional designs all the way up to contemporary.

Find all the inspiration you need for decorative wall lighting right here.