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Ceiling Lights

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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lighting

The phrase ‘ceiling lights’ applies literally to any lighting fixture which is attached to the ceiling. illuminations-direct have an extensive range of ceiling luminaries to suit all applications. These range from modern lights, contemporary lighting, pendant lighting, chandeliers, completely flush lights or semi flushed light fittings.

In the majority of properties ceiling light fixtures are the primary source of illumination in most rooms. It may be a single ceiling light or multiple ceiling lights if the room has larger dimensions. Ceiling lighting can be supplemented with wall lights or portable light sources such as table or standard lamps. illuminations-direct have many ranges combined within a family group creating a matching appearance.

The height of a ceiling can greatly dictate which style of lights will be suitable when planning your lighting design. Here at illuminations-direct we would always advise that you measure the height of the ceiling before shopping for that all important ceiling light. If height is limited, a decorative flush ceiling light or semi-flush ceiling light can be used. In areas where people are walking i.e. hallways, a close fitting ceiling light is a safer option as this is less likely to incur any damage.

Where there is more room available for a ceiling light illuminations-direct range of single or multiple pendant lighting can normally be adjusted in height to suit the room setting. Many illuminations-direct multi-armed ceiling lights can also be adjusted but be aware of the manufacturer’s recommended minimum height. An LED ceiling light which is too close to the ceiling can cause discolouration to your ceiling.

In areas where height is plentiful i.e. stairwells or entrance halls a multi–level ceiling light may be required so that the aesthetics work from all levels. Illuminations-direct can offer spreader ceiling lights which hang 3, 5, 6 or more glasses and can be adjusted in height for each individual glass.