Exterior lights

Exterior lights

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is a great way to decorate the outside of your home, and not only does the lighting of your garden have a huge effect in terms of functional illumination and safety, it can also greatly change the appearance of an exterior space. Garden lighting comes in a wide range of shapes, styles, colours and designs; meaning there’s a garden light out there for every style of garden at illumination-direct.

The benefits of using garden lights

Simply lighting the way into your garden is not the only effective use for garden lighting - there are various other benefits to installing outdoor lights. If positioned correctly, garden lighting can enhance the attractiveness of garden areas such as plants, water features and shrubs - colour changing LED lights can bring a festive and colourful whimsy to water features, spotlights can highlight carefully pruned shrubs and pathways can be lit to create a functional and pleasing frame to the lawn.

It’s not just the green parts of the garden that can benefit from garden lighting, however. Installing spot lights on your decking can help to create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for summer evenings, or alternatively you could opt for bollard lights and lamp posts to create the feeling of grandeur. Flush exterior lighting mounted to walls can brighten patio areas, making conditions perfect for eating al fresco, and even driveways and paths can benefit from lighting in a number of different ways -firstly by keeping people safe, and secondly by preventing people from accessing areas that need to be kept untouched, such as flower beds and lawns.

Cost effective, long lasting garden lighting

Outdoor LED lights can be extremely cost effective - they can give off low level lighting meaning they can be displayed during darkness without costing much money by using much energy. In addition to this, there are various types of garden lights on the market from lamp posts that can really add both form and function to your outdoor space. Their ability to withstand the elements means they really do make a savvy long-term purchase, and they won’t have to be replaced every season. All lights supplied by illuminations-direct are manufactured using the best materials such as cast aluminium, stainless steel high quality plastics, brass and copper. In addition to all this, guidance surrounding preventative maintenance is also provided, with help such as the suggestion of products that can be applied to bulbs and fittings to help them last longer and assistance with where the best place is to install garden lighting.

A garden lighting choice for every preference

If you’re looking to highlight specific garden features, then the Terran Exterior Bollard would be ideal to place amongst your chosen area, creating a bright and clear illumination. Or perhaps you’re searching for a light that illuminates your whole garden; Exterior Wall Bracket or the Flush Exterior Wall Fitting would help to not only promote safety but look great too. If you’re simply looking to add decorative features to your garden then the Exterior Lamp-Post would make the perfect accessory.

Here at illuminations-direct, we feel we have a huge selection of outdoor lighting with something to suit all customers’ needs and budgets. So whatever light you’re looking for to illuminate your garden, simply browse our store or call for advice and give your garden the light it deserves.