LED Lighting

LED Lighting

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12 Light Polished Chrome Cluster Pendant

Product no.: LIV1250

£478.00 * A++

5lt Cluster LED Pendant

Product no.: LIV0550

£219.00 * A++

LED Silver Wall Light

Product no.: LIV0750

£67.00 * A++

Faceted ring of crystal

Product no.: ALT5250

£129.00 * A++
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In stock
Delivery period: 4 working days

Bathroom Ceiling Fitting with speaker

Product no.: IKE5350

£139.00 * A++
In stock
Delivery period: 4 working days

Polished Chrome Bathroom Fitting

Product no.: PET5050

£179.00 * A++
In stock
Delivery period: 4 working days

Polished Chrome Ceiling Dual Tier Pendant

Product no.: ROM2550

£259.00 * A++

New 7 Light Chrome/Crystal LED Ceiling Fitting

Product no.: ZAN5050

£289.00 * A++

New 4 Light Chrome/Crystal LED Ceiling Fitting

Product no.: ZAN5250

£179.00 * A++
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LED Lighting

With illuminations-direct you’ll find a huge range of different light styles and designs to suit any purpose, whether you’re looking for lighting in your home or for your business. As lighting specialists we’re always looking to provide our clients with the latest innovations in lighting solutions, which is why we stock a huge variety of LED lights. With more and more emphasis put on energy efficient and economical lighting, LED lights offer the perfect alternative to incandescent or halogen bulbs.

What Are LED Lights
If you’re considering buying LED lights, then you may also be wondering what they actually are. Well, just in case you don’t know LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which are tiny bulbs that are illuminated by an electrical current passing through a semiconductor. This causes the light bulb to glow and emit light, however they don’t give off a lot of heat, which makes them very effective for task or recessed lighting, such as bathroom lights. While you need a lot of small LED’s to create a big enough light source to illuminate a room or area, the good news is that these LED’s use far less electricity, so it actually makes them a lot more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. Depending on the type of bulbs you buy, they can also give off stronger light and last up to 20 years, making them incredibly cost effective too.

Which Lights Use LEDs
As we’ve already touched on, LED lights work particularly well for recessed downlighters or task lighting, such as the  This style of design is perfect for lighting task areas and as it’s a flush fitting it won’t impact too much on head height. Another reason you may choose LED lighting is for safety reasons. As they give off very little heat and have a lower current of electricity through them they can be the safest option in areas such as bathrooms or for outdoor lights. With both of these areas you need to ensure that the LED light you choose is suitable for areas where they may be exposed to water. Depending on the positioning of the light in proximity to water and moisture exposure, you should always choose LED lights that are at least IP44 or IP65 rated, like this Exterior Wall Light that has been specifically designed to withstand water, dust and moisture. Of course, it doesn’t all have to be about task lighting, there are plenty of decorative styles and designs available that can add a stunning look to your interior design along with efficiency. Chandelier style pendants,  as well as contemporary designs  make fabulous centrepieces for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, hotel receptions and more. You can even add a mood lighting element with the use of GU10 LED Lightbulbs with MR16 dimmable beam that will allow you to adjust the light levels to suit the occasion. Whatever look you’re going for in your home or business premises, you’re sure to find an LED light style to suit. With low energy light bulbs, you can have the style you want with all the added benefits of cost and energy efficiency too. Take a look at our full selection of LED lights to find the perfect LED lights for you.