Table lamps

Table lamps

Table Lamps

Lighting is an essential aspect of home design and décor and can ultimately dictate how a room looks and feels. At illuminations-direct, we offer a huge selection of lighting solutions from living room lights all the way through to table lamps. Whilst many table lamps are used for task lighting, they are in fact an incredibly useful and versatile lighting solution that can be utilised almost anywhere in your home.

The Lowdown on Table Lamps

Table Lamps come in all shapes and sizes and a huge choice of designs too, from task lighting such as the Asti Table Lamp, through to more decorative table lamp styles like the Hugo Table Lamp, which can work brilliant as living room and bedroom lights.

Whatever style, size and design you go for, a table lamp offers an easy and flexible way of lighting a room all in one go, as you can position exactly where you want to have light. This will not only illuminate a specific area, but also create a wonderful accent piece as part of your interior design and make a real style statement.

Making the most of table lamps

When it comes to positioning your table lamps, the possibilities really are endless. They can be used in virtually any room in your home or commercial premises, excluding bathrooms or areas where there is a close proximity to water.

However, they are most commonly used in bedrooms and living rooms to provide low lighting with an ambient atmosphere. At the same time they will still provide sufficient light within a close distance for reading, with the convenience of having the switch close by.

In addition to living rooms and bedrooms, table lamps can also be used very effectively in hallways, dining rooms and offices. A well-positioned decorative table lamp, like the  3 Light Table Lamp, in the centre of a dining room table can create a unique piece of interest. Whereas a design with additional light reflecting properties like the 3 Light Table Lamp will make sure hallways are well-lit, welcoming and chic.

If task lighting is on your agenda, then desk lamps like the traditional Bankers Lamp or LED Lights such as the LED Desk Lamp, can perfectly illuminate your work area. Or if you’d prefer something that offers good task lighting, but a more contemporary feel.
With such a flexible lighting system, you can have additional light wherever you need it, day or night.

Things to consider with Table Lamps

When choosing your perfect table light, always have in mind what type of lighting you need – task lighting, atmospheric, accent piece – as well as choosing a style that matches your existing décor, to ensure you maximise the benefits of using table lights in your home.

For large areas, standing lamps with a pale shade, like the Standard Lamp Swing Arm will give you an adjustable light source that stands taller, lighting a larger space. Whilst smaller and coloured lamps will give a softer glow for a more intimate and cosy feel.

Regardless of your taste, style and requirements, at illuminations-direct, you’ll find plenty of choice to inspire you. Browse and explore our stunning table lamps and find your perfect light today.